AA Password Generator v1.0.2

This portable program can generate random passwords using anything from lowercase to capital letters, digits and symbols or by following patterns.

Technology's current trend is aimed towards connecting us more and more with other people, allowing you to gain access to other people's public info, but others can do the same with you.

However there are some things you might want to keep to yourself, and that info is usually hidden behind password-protected services.

However, even those services can be cracked someone knows what your password might be, making all those securities features amount to nothing, so random password generators, such as AA Password Generator, are becoming more and more of a big deal.

You can't predict what is random

passwords usually involve words you frequently use, dates of birth, the names of loved ones, etc., meaning that you are most prone to being hacked by those who know.

However, when faced with passwords that make absolutely no sense made up of upper and lowercase letters, digits and special symbols arranged in a random order, it will become next to impossible to crack. That being said, having a randomly generated password becomes imperative.

Bulk password creation

After opening the program, all you need to do is specify what type of characters you want the password to be made off, the length, and how many of them you want to be generated.

The program will then proceed to generate all those passwords, and even allow you to transfer them to your clipboard for later use since random passwords can be hard to remember even for the creator.

A good feature for keeping your data private

It doesn't matter if it is a password for your PC. social media account of game account, AA Password Generator will efficiently create a password that will give any hacker a run for his money. This makes it the ultimate password protection tool, as long as you don't forget your password.

Operating system: Windows

File size: 20KB(zip)